Authentication for your web & mobile applications
Simple user management and seamless authentication for developers all integrated with OAuth 2.0
Flexible API Management
Connect to your existing API servers regardless of language or environment.
Simple User Management
Email verification, password resets, and simple profile management.
Launch in your own AWS environment
Launch in your own AWS environment and be the final security arbiter. You can restrict security groups and network access from the AWS console.
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Use Cases
Authentication for your web application
Provide plug-and-play authentication for your web and mobile applications with OAuth2. Control the theme and layout of the login page for a seamless user experience.
Access control for internal applications
Network boundaries are disappearing. Protect your internal web applications with a dedicated login portal. Control exactly who gets an account.
Protecting your API
Expose your API to the world and start building your platform. OAuth2 provides fine-grained support for resources and access control.
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