User Management

Once you’ve created an authorization server, you’ll need to add users that can use your client applications. There are two ways to do this:

  • Oauth.Us comes with an administrative portal where you can add and manage users
  • If enabled, users can navigate to the user portal where they can sign up

Adding Users

To add a user, you first need to access the administrative portal. First navigate to the main provider page, and click on Admin Portal. This should redirect you to the administrative portal for your provider.

After logging in, click on “users” to view the list of users. If this is a new provider, the only user you’ll see is the administrative user. Click on the “new user” link to add a new user. Afterwards, you’ll be presented with a screen where you can add relevant information for the new user.

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Pressing “create” will immediately create this user, at which time the user will be able to log into any of the client applications.


If you would rather have users create their own account, you should:

  • Enable the user-signup feature (see here)
  • Navigate the user to a login/authorization screen

The easiest way to redirect the user to a login screen is for them to visit either the administrative portal or the user portal. The user portal is accessible via port 9998.


Otherwise, if you’ve already registered another client application, simply using the authorization code flow should present the user with a login page.

After the fills out their information and signs up, they will receive an email confirmation. The user account will not be activated until they confirm their account.